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At Isla Perico, on the Amador Causeway, you’ll find this restaurant offering a unique experience where traditions blend seamlessly with local gastronomy: Sabroso Panamá. A place that enchants because every corner represents the essence of a town that captivates you with its magic and culture.

At Sabroso Panamá, visitors embark on a journey through the country with impressive decor that transports them to different regions. One travels through the arid desert of Sarigüa and the lush region of Darien. Along the way, diners encounter the tower of Panama La Vieja, ruins that today constitute an archaeological site, and can also admire every detail of the replica of the Cathedral’s facade, as if sitting in the square in Casco Antiguo.

Thematic Fun

There are other areas inspired by magical places in provinces like Colón and Bocas del Toro. Sabroso Panamá offers a unique tourist experience, featuring a wide variety of live entertainment such as shows, traditional dances, music, bands, DJs, and animations that complement the best of Panamanian cuisine.

It’s ideal for foreigners seeking to understand local traditions and for tourists wanting to appreciate the Panamanian essence.

Typical dishes allow you to savor the heart of the country in every bite.

Here, indulge in a varied menu featuring prawns, octopus, Caribbean dishes, tropical salads, and delightful beverages to accompany them. Traditional Panamanian dishes such as carimañolas, hojaldras, empanadas, crispy pork rinds, ceviches, ropa vieja accompanied by coconut rice, chicken and rice, a variety of stews, tamal de olla, and much more.

Further Information:

IG: @sabroso_panama
Address: Isla Perico, Amador Causeway in Panama City.
Phone: (507) 205-6692
WhatsApp: (507) 6221-0079
Hours: Monday to Sunday.
Live show every day.


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