The Campo y Aventura Farm, an Agro Tourism Paradise Full of Environments and Activities for the Whole Family in Colón

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Agrotourism is a rapidly growing segment in the tourism industry. However, if there’s a pioneering farm in this sector in Panama, it’s the Campo y Aventura Farm located in the Cativá area in Colón. The commitment to service quality, safety, facilities, and constant reinvestment to remain competitive and offer every visitor the best entertainment option are the key ingredients for the success of this natural paradise beside Lake Gatun.

Environmental Sustainability and Amenities for Enjoyment

The Campo y Aventura Farm is certified by the Panamanian Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Agricultural Development. It’s a beautiful place that emphasizes the importance of the countryside by promoting sustainability and good environmental practices, all amidst stunning landscapes. They offer a country hostel, a social area with a pool, the Ginger Coffee & Lounge restaurant, as well as rooms with cable TV, private bathrooms, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and amenities.

Guided Agro-Tourism Tours

Since its opening in 2005, the Campo y Aventura Farm has been highlighting the importance of farmers and their role as guarantors of the country’s food supply. For this reason, they offer an agro-tour called agro-tour, showcasing different domestic animal species in livestock production such as cattle, poultry, rabbits, some goats, and pigs.
They also have horses so that visitors can enjoy peaceful rides within the premises, always accompanied by a guide.

Butterfly Garden and Self-Sustaining Farm

Along the tour, there’s a small butterfly garden that recreates the ideal habitat for butterfly reproduction. Visitors receive a talk about the different stages in a butterfly’s life. One of the most important areas, generating pride among all who work on this farm, is the banana, cassava, otoe, fruit trees, and sugarcane crops, used in restaurants to delight visitors, showcasing the potential for self-sustainability.

Canopy and Hanging Bridge Circuit

The Campo y Aventura Farm also offers plenty of fun and adrenaline on its 5-line canopy, with two lines crossing over the waters of the majestic Lake Gatún. An unforgettable approximately 2-hour tour covering 2.5 kilometers, providing visitors with a great sense of freedom.

In this paradise, there are numerous spots to explore and experience, including a circuit of hanging bridges ideal for adventure enthusiasts. From the heights, native fauna like iguanas and sloths inhabiting the area can be observed, always accompanied by qualified guides and certified equipment.

Paintball and Water Activities

The adrenaline rush continues at the Campo y Aventura Farm in the paintball area, featuring trenches and bushes as protection, with plenty of paintballs for each participant, making them feel like movie heroes.
Apart from adventures on solid ground, this farm offers water activities such as boat rides and kayaking, excellent therapies for stress relief.

Rope Workshop and Corporate Activities

For the past 10 years, this farm has managed the corporate area through corporate rope workshops aimed at improving interpersonal relationships and fostering an environment conducive to organizational success. They also offer event halls and open-air pavilions for various group activities.

General Information:

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Facebook: La Granja Campo y Aventura (official page)
Phone: 6780-1644/55
Email: /
Address: Located in Colón (Cativá), accessed through the Xtra in the San Judas Tadeo neighborhood.


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