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Hotel Milán

Since it opened its doors in December 2004, the Hotel Milan has occupied a special space among the hotels located in El Cangrejo, for...

Hotel Santa Catalina

The Hotel Santa Catalina in Panama is a rare blend of elegance and natural beauty in a prime location. An oceanfront hotel in the...

Hotel Village

Cozy hotel for your days off or after a day of work, you deserve a good meal and comfortable rooms in a cozy and...

Hotel Ejecutivo

The Executive Hotel is a third generation family business, founded in 1951 by Vern Harry Jacobson and his wife Mollie Connor Jacobson when they...

Hostal Doña María

The Hostal Doña María is a very popular beach destination among surfers and Visitors from all over the world. .column { float: left; width:...

Hotel Casa de Campo Pedasí

The Hotel Casa de Campo, located in the center of the charming town of Pedasí, is a paradise of extraordinary natural beauty and a...

Hostal Familiar Carmencita

When you are looking for a place to stay that has all the facilities, is close to everything and makes each guest feel like...

Hotel El Oasis

This Oasis of comfort and relaxation was founded on the foundations of the Menéndez family home, a property that has still remained in the...