El Trapiche was born in 1983 with the idea of ​​bringing the flavors of the interior of the country to the capital city. At that time, three partners: Alfonso Jaén, Domingo de Obaldia and Santiago Anguizola, decided to use El Trapiche as a forum to promote their family recipes from Chiriquí and Central Provinces.

Among its most requested traditional dishes are: La Ropa Vieja, El Sancocho and El Tamal de Olla. The most requested proposals with a modern twist are the Old Clothes Sandwich in Hojaldra, Centennial Breakfast, Bistec Encebollado, the Chorizo ​​Tableño croquettes version, the Puerco Sandwich with Ají Chombo jam, among others.

Today, almost 40 years since its foundation, El Trapiche continues to be the maximum reference in traditional Panamanian gastronomy and we continue with the mission of protecting and enhancing our culinary culture. We open every day from 7am.

Branches: Vía Argentina, Albrook Mall, San Francisco, Brisas del Golf

Instagram: @eltrapichepty
Website: eltrapicherestaurante.com
Tel. 381-0981/269-4353/314-7426/373-2009


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