Medical Industry has Invested Heavily on Technology, Infrastructure and Hospital Accreditation

The Panamanian medical industry has invested heavily in technology, infrastructure and hospital accreditation, actions that have helped medical tourism grow for some years already. The international perception of the country as an excellent destination to retire has been building the path towards achieving leadership in this type of tourism in the near future.

—Healthy and Stable Economy—

The Panamanian dollar-based economy facilitates the competitiveness of the medical sector at international level, boosting investment in infrastructure as well as in the cost of service. In Panama, medical procedures cost between 40% and 70% less than in the United States. If you consider that the country has excellent hospitals and private medical offices with state-of-the-art technology that meet the highest standards of the industry, the cost is extremely attractive for anyone who requires a medical procedure.

—Hospital Complexes—

Brief description of hospitals that have the best qualities for medical tourism.

Pacifica Salud/ Punta Pacifica Hospital:

Affiliated to Johns Hopkins Medicine International is considered one of the key players of this market growth, offering world class clinical care and diagnostic services at a fraction of the costs in developed countries. It has a JCI (Joint Commission International) certification granted due to high-level in care and infrastructure.

National Hospital

With an investment of approximately $25 million in technological renovation, since its inauguration this complex has enjoyed an excellent reputation for the quality of care provided to its patients. It has a department and multilingual staff dedicated to helping patients insured by foreign companies.

Paitilla Medical Center

A renowned private hospital complex, recently acquired by the international Group Hospiten consortium. This center has also made a significant investment in state of the art imaging equipment, as well as additional private rooms for greater comfort of the Panamanian patient as a foreigner.

Hospital San Fernando Clinic

One of the most traditional and renowned medical centers in the country. It holds the JCI (Joint Commission International) certification for the high level of its attention and the quality of its facilities.

—Mother Cells—

Success stories in stem cell therapies have continued to spread, the number of patients who come to Panama to receive them has increased. These treatments save lives, many are not available in the United States because of the strong regulations filed by the FDA. The stem cell research clinics attracts patients and professionals from all over the world and the Stem Cell Institute is a leading organization in this type of therapy and research.

—Prepared Professionals—

Most of the specialists affiliated with the mentioned hospitals are bilingual, certified and have their private clinics within the complex. Many are graduates of prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford and John Hopkins among others.

—Wide Variety of Medical Procedures—

In Panama, many procedures are offered: cataract surgery, cosmetic surgery, or more complex such as open heart surgery, dentistry, orthopedics, as well as the most advanced ones focused on stem cells and fertility treatments. Every day more medical services are added to the extensive menu that Panamanian medical tourism has for each foreign patient.


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