December 2023

Event: Pablo Alboran Tour “La Cuarta Hoja 2023”

The singer-songwriter and musician from Malaga, Spain, comes to Panama for the third time to conquer everyone with his romanticism, pop and flamenco style music.

Location: Islas de Atlapa

Day: December 14

Event: Highlands Fair

Event that promotes agriculture, livestock, craft production, gastronomy and ecological traditions.

Location: Highlands, Chiriqui

Days: December 15 to 18

Event: Topon de La Pintada

Activity where the meeting of Pascualita or Virgin Mary with her son Jesus is represented in Plaza De La Cruz, with the assistance of the Catholic community.

Location: La Pintada, Cocle

Day: December 25

Event: “New Year Party 2023”

Concert of salsa, merengue, Haitian music, reggae in Spanish and typical with great local and international exponents, to receive 2024

Location: Plaza Figali, Causeway

Day: December 31

January 2024

Event: Canajagua Folklore Meeting

Wagons parade, mud meeting, typical dances, Mejorana contests, Saloma cry, cicada making, violin night, among others.

Location: Macaracas, Los Santos

Day: January 3 to 7

Event: Flower and Coffee Fair in Boquete

Celebration that promotes the richness and diversity of agriculture, with emphasis on flower cultivation and coffee processing. There are parades, concerts, flower exhibitions and coffee tasting.

Location: Boquete, Chiriqui

Day: January 11 to 21

Event: Mil Polleras Parade

Event that honors the important work of Panamanian artisans who make the most beautiful national costume in the world. Thousands of people register from all over the country and abroad to parade through the streets of Las Tablas wearing their traditional pollera outfit.

Location: Las Tablas, Los Santos

Day: Saturday, January 13

Event: Panama Jazz Festival 2024

Cultural, educational, and tourist experience around Jazz music. This event holds symposiums, workshops, and serves as an audition center for the best music schools in the world. Every year holds a huge closing mass event with national and international artists.

Location: City of Knowledge, Clayton

Day: January 15 to 20

Event: Almojabano Fair with Cheese

Event that promotes this typical food from Chiriqui Province. Accordion, drum, singing and violin competitions are held.

Location: Dolega, Chiriqui

Day: January 17 to 21

Event: Acobir Real Estate Expo

Event that brings together prominent construction companies, developers, real estate developers, financial institutions and key allies of the sector to offer the public a wide range of residential and commercial real estate.

Location: Panama Convention Center, Amador

Day: January 25 to 28

February 2024

Event: Baby Fair

It brings together national and international brands and companies that promote all types of products and services for the care and well-being of babies, as well as for mothers who are waiting to give birth.

Location: Atlapa Convention Center, Panama City

Day: February 2 to 4

Event: Carnivals

Celebration that lasts four days where parades of carnival queens, popular festivities and countless outdoor events take place both day and night. The most popular places are Las Tablas, Penonome, Pedasi, Chitre, Aguadulce, Dolega and Panama City.

Location: All over the country

Day: February 10 to 13


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