White Sand Beaches, Palm Trees, Crystal Clear Waters and Virgin Nature

If you are looking for smooth waves, palm trees and relaxing breezes, the beaches in the Caribbean region of the country are ideal to visit. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Panama. Crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, green palm trees and a particularly relaxed atmosphere in a true Caribbean style.


The most visited beaches in this province are in the Costa Arriba sector. You enter this region through the town of Sabanitas located 15 minutes before reaching Colon City. These beaches have crystal clear water and impressive marine life.

  • Maria Chiquita

It is the first beach in the Costa Arriba region of Colon and is generally very quiet, and a very popular place to do surfing. Here is a small restaurant where it is possible to enjoy delicious Afro-Caribbean and Panamanian food. You can also find a condominium project in Bala Beach where you can rent an apartment. There are also Airbnb’s available for rent in this area of ​​Colon.

It is located just over 1 hour and a half from Panama City on the Via Transistmica and then taking the road through the town of Sabanitas. An ideal place for a day tour.

  • Playa La Angosta

It is one of the most popular and well-known in the area. It is a beach surrounded by vegetation and crystal clear waters. Here is a restaurant specializing in seafood, as well as equipment rental businesses such as canoes to enjoy the bay waters. It has some small cabins or ranches to rent for the whole day. An extraordinary option to enjoy a full day full of activities to spend with family or friends.

It is located 1 hour and a half from Panama City, traveling along the Transisthmian Highway and entering through the town of Sabanitas.

  • Damas Beach

Located in the historic town of Nombre de Dios, beyond Portobelo, is this beach that stretches for 1.5 kilometers. The first section of the beach is bordered by the town houses and what remains is only sand and palm trees. On the green step there is an abandoned anchor that according to the locals is from the Spanish conquest era. In this sector there are only restaurants in the hotels that are in the area. In these you can purchase services for snorkeling, kayak and fishing. This beach is located 2 hours and 30 minutes from Panama City, traveling along the Panama – Colon Highway, taking the Sabanitas exit and continuing straight along the highway from this town to Portobelo and from there continue until reaching Nombre de Dios.


 The waterfalls and nature trails of this province blend perfectly with the sunny and refreshing waters of the Pacific and Atlantic beaches of Veraguas. Perfect places to enjoy snorkeling, diving and surfing.

  • Calovebora Beach

This beach is the new diamond of the Atlantic coast since the access road to this almost virgin sector of Veraguas was inaugurated two years ago. Located in a town of barely 600 inhabitants, here are beaches with crystalline waters with their own charm. Boats set sail from this beach to go to the famous Escudo de Veraguas island, another incomparable natural paradise. You can also visit two more beaches, one called La Miel, 20 minutes away by boat and the second is 45 minutes away called Playa Arco, due to the formation of rocks in the shape of an arch.

It is an hour’s drive from the tourist town of Santa Fe and just over two hours from Santiago City in Veraguas.

Bocas del Toro

A true jewel of the Caribbean thanks to its virgin nature. The Bocas del Toro Archipelago, which has more than 10 main islands, full of beaches and lots of marine life to discover, as well as activities that make visiting this region an unforgettable trip.

  • Starfish Beach

Located near Bocas del Drago northwest of Isla Colon, this beach concentrates dozens of giant starfish of approximately 40 centimeters. It is an ideal beach for snorkeling and observing these marine beauties that should not be touched or grabbed as they can die it. There is no accommodation on the beach itself, but in Boca del Drago there are places to stay with all the comforts and surrounded by exuberant nature.

This beach can be reached by taxi from the town in Isla Colon and it takes about 40 minutes. It is also possible to arrive by bus.

  • Bluff Beach

This beach located on Isla Colon has 7 kilometers of golden sand that is a natural reserve for the nesting of turtles between May and September and a site sought after by surfers from all over the world for its big waves. It is an ideal beach to go on a bike from the town of Isla Colon as it is only 7 kilometers away, it is also possible to arrive by bus, saving time and effort.

  • Red Frog Beach

Probably the most popular beach in Bocas del Toro, as it is beautiful and very easy to get to. Here it is possible to snorkel to see the coral reefs that surround Bastimento Island. You can also enjoy the fauna and nature of the area where there are sloths, monkeys, turtles during the nesting season and the famous red frogs.

This beach is only 10 minutes by boat from Bocas Town, upon arrival you walk along a path for 15 minutes until you reach this paradise.

  • Zapatilla Beach

This beach of golden sands and crystalline waters is located on the famous islands called Cayo Zapatilla. Being surrounded by coral reefs allows the visitor to enjoy snorkeling and observe the impressive marine life. An ideal place to completely disconnect from modern life and relax with the beautiful views. Here you must bring the food you want to eat since it is a completely natural place. To get there it is usually visiting as part of a tourist tour or renting a private boat.


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