Nature, Beaches and Diverse Marine Fauna

The Panamanian Pacific coast has many islands that protect exuberant nature, as well as paradisiacal beaches that invite you to disconnect from the modern world.

Panama Province

The Islands that are within the limits of Panama Province have a natural diversity and histories that date from the Spanish colonial era.

  • Taboga

Known as the Island of Flowers thanks to its volcanic roots, it is characterized by its varied nature, as well as its beautiful beaches where it is possible to relax. It is one of the best places to escape from the fast-paced life of Panama City. The island has two hills that you can tour as well as a historic town where the second oldest Church in the Western Hemisphere is located. Here you will find a variety of hotels and restaurants that make the experience more pleasant.

Taboga Island is located 20 kilometers from Panama City and can be reached by boat that departs from the Amador Causeway and takes only 30 minutes.

  • Contadora Island

Famous for its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and exuberant nature, this island is part of the Pearl archipelago. Its name is due to the fact that it was the place where the pearls that were found in abundance in this archipelago during the Spanish colony were counted (contadora in spanish). Apart from relaxing in this tropical paradise, it is possible to carry out activities such as snorkeling, diving and boat trips to explore or fish. This island has good options to stay as well as restaurants where the menu specializes in fresh fish and seafood. This island is 1 hour and a half by ferry from Panama City and only 15 minutes by private flight.

  • San Jose Island

This island is the second largest in the Pearls Archipelago. This tropical paradise is recognized for its dense and varied nature as well as for its white sand beaches like salt. Its crystal clear waters are the best for snorkeling and observing the abundance of marine life around. Here there is only one hotel that offers luxurious comforts that blend with the nature of the island, as well as high-profile gastronomy. The island is 20 minutes away by private flight.


This province, most famous for its beaches on the Pacific Riviera, has several natural treasures on its coasts that are worth discovering.

  • Farallon Island

On the Pacific Riviera, just a couple of hours from Panama City, there is a small island that you can visit during the day and enjoy a natural adventure. This island is of volcanic origin and is only 10 minutes from the beach with the same name. Here you can find marine fauna in its waters, as well as a variety of birds. You can also enjoy snorkeling, swim through one of the underwater caves or climb to the highest point of the Island where there is a huge Cross, which can be seen from the beach. It only takes a few minutes to reach this island by boat from the town of Farallon.


This province is abundance of fauna and nature on mainland, the same applies to the islands that are within the limits of Veraguas. The Gulf of Montijo and the Coiba National Marine Park are regions that surprise local and foreign visitors from all over the world.

  • Coiba island

It is the largest Island of the Coiba Marine National Park, before being a protected area it housed a maximum security prison, that can still be visited (the abandoned infrastructure). From this island you can go diving to the largest coral reef in the Pacific Ocean and discover the impressive marine fauna, unique in the world. It also has one of the most varied tropical forests on the planet. On the island there are cabins to stay with basic amenities and meals included. It is an hour and a half by boat from the tourist town of Santa Catalina.

  • Granito de Oro Island

It is a small island that is located just minutes from Isla Coiba, and it is a mandatory stop when visiting this National Marine Park. This island is in a totally natural state, its beach is ideal to relax and feel like you are the sole owner of the island. Being surrounded by coral reefs, it is the ideal place for snorkeling.

  • Rancheria Island

This island has great beaches, a huge amount of coral reefs and some of the best places for diving. The beach is lined with palm trees to relax and forget about the stress of daily life. To get to this island it is usually through tourist tours to the Marino Coiba National Park and that normally depart from the tourist town of Santa Catalina.

  • Isla Leones

Located in the Gulf of Montijo, this island is home to one of the best restaurants in the region where many tourist tours stop for lunch. The seafood tray with lobster is a lunch that is recognized throughout Panama and that all visitor cherish. It has dark sandy beaches, and shallow waters, ideal for taking a dip. It is located 29 kilometers by boat from the mainland and to get there you need to purchase a tour package that includes a tour of this island or traveling in a private boat.

  • Cebaco Island

It is the third largest island in the Panamanian Pacific after Isla Coiba and Isla del Rey. It is a paradise for lovers of diving and whale watching (between July and October). Apart from its extensive beaches ideal for bathing, you can go snorkeling in the waters of Caleta beach and walk through the forest along its ecological trails. To get there you must get to Playa Reina to get on a boat at the Rio Negro entrance, the trip takes about 30 minutes.


This province is a privileged place to have the Gulf of Chiriqui a marine region full of abundant nature, charming islands and white sand beaches. This protected area is a natural treasure that the world has been really discovering for a few years.

  • Parida Island

A destination full of beaches, ecological trails and exuberant fauna. This island shelters a rich marine diversity and is part of the Las Paridas archipelago. Surrounded by impressive coral reefs, it is an ideal place for snorkeling, as well as sport fishing in the deep waters of the area.

On the island there is a bar&grill where you can eat delicious meals with fish and shellfish. It is located at a short boat ride from the tourist town of Boca Chica, ideal for day tours.

  • Gamez Island

This island is completely uninhabited and surrounded by palm trees with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. This island is the perfect option for a day tour with a tourism agency and where it is possible to enjoy activities such as kayac, snorkeling, beach volleyball or simply relax with the Pacific Ocean as a witness.

In Isla Gamez you can only eat the food that you take during the tourist visit since there is no infrastructure, only nature. The tours leave by boat from the tourist town of Boca Chica.

  • Bolaños Island

This island, like most in the Gulf of Chiriqui, is surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and tropical palm trees. Snorkeling is the ideal activity to observe colorful fish, turtles and corals. Depending on the season it is possible to watch dolphins and humpback whales.

To get to this island, you must take tourist tours that leave from Boca Chica and it is necessary to bring both food and drinks, since there are no restaurants on the island.


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