Adrenaline, Beaches and Nature to Discover

The tenth province of the country since 2014, is receiving greater support for its development at a social, tourist and economic level. It is divided into five districts: Arraijan, Capira, Chame, San Carlos and La Chorrera (capital city).

Getting around from the capital city is easy. It is only required to take the Pan-American Highway by car or by bus from the Albrook terminal on routes to the districts of Panama West.

Las Mendozas International Raceway

Located 20 minutes from La Chorrera, the first raceway in Panama was built within a 50-hectare plot. An automobile circuit created so that car racing fans can enjoy it with all the specifications. The racetrack is 3 km long and 14 meters wide. It also has a track for acceleration of a quarter of a mile and a third for racing 4 x 4 vehicles (all terrain).

The three public areas of this raceway offers parking lots, food and drink areas. Also, with a well-sized Paddock with hangars and pits suitable for the track.


Mainly enjoying the national motorsport championship races that they announce throughout the year.

They also offer Open Track days for people to test their skills with their cars and push them to the limit of their speed on a track and infrastructure that offers safety.

For all the races and activities follow on Instagram: @circuitointernacionaldepanama.

Where to eat:

During the races and events, the Las Mendozas Autodrome has several areas where international-style meals and Panamanian delicacies are offered.

Where to stay:

The racetrack does not have areas for overnight stays, however, being close to La Chorrera, it is possible to find a variety of hotels for all tastes and budgets.

How to get:

It is located 1 hour and 20 minutes from Panama City and a short distance from La Chorrera. Getting there is very easy using Google map, however, it does not have public transport.

Veracruz Beach

Crossing the Bridge of the Americas is a tourist area well known to Panamanians. Veracruz Beach is very close to capital city and it is possible to enjoy a day at the beach without having to stay outside of Panama City.


Bathing in its calm waters, sunbathing, walking, playing volleyball and even practicing paddle surf are some of its greatest attractions. However, what visitors are most attracts is the privileged view of the Pacific Ocean from where it is possible to see the boats get closer to the Panama Canal, while enjoying dishes with a wide range of seafood, fish and international food.

Where to stay:

The area has two hotels , however, the beach is so close to Panama City that it is not necessary to spend the night outside the capital.

How to get:

To get to Veracruz it is possible to go by car, crossing the Bridge of the Americas, there is an exit to Veracruz, once on the road it leads directly to the beach, turn off.

El Palmar Beach

10 km west of Playa Coronado, 28 km east of Playa Santa Clara and 30 km east of Playa Farallon, is the beach community of “El Palmar”. Famous for having inhabitants who lead a life dedicated to surfing, and with good reason, since this beach enjoys excellent waves for practicing this sport.


On this beach you can enjoy a dip, however, is not recommended for people with physical limitations, since its waves are strong. Of course, young people and older with a young heart love this beach.

Adults and children, beginners and experts can take a course or improve their technique, since there are several surf schools.

Where to eat:

On this beach, it is best to bring food, since the only place that has a restaurant open to the public is the Hotel Bay View, located at the end of the Main Road to Palmar.

How to get:

You must drive along the Pan-American Highway to San Carlos, when passing under a pedestrian bridge you must drive about 50 meters and turn left at the sign indicating the entrance to Palmar.

By public transport, you have to go to Albrook terminal and take a bus with a route to San Carlos, and get off at the stop after the pedestrian crossing. The journey from the entrance can be done on foot, it takes approximately 10 minutes.

Cajones de Chame

At just 16 kilometers from the Pan-American highway and 90 minutes from the capital is Los Cajones de Chame.

This destination sculpted by nature is similar to Los Cangilones de Gualaca in Chiriqui. However, it is larger and more extensive. The canyon was created by thousands of years of erosion from the Chame River. Its greatest particularity is its green and turquoise waters that contrast with the grayish rocks.


You can jump from the cliff but be careful, always ensuring that the depth is adequate and there are no rocks nearby.

Swimming or going on tubes through the entire canyon is another fun activity, since it is a strait with a fascinating route. It is a place where you can have a picnic, however, the place is still very virgin and does not have complex infrastructures such as bathrooms.

Where to stay:

In this place there are no places to stay, it is ideal for a “day trip”, especially weekdays where there are fewer visitors.

Where to eat:

Being a totally natural place, it is necessary to bring all the food, even barbecue if you take the equipment. That if always leaving the area clean.

How to get:

Turning right at the Bejuco Texaco station, where you must turn off and take the Bejuco – Sora highway (right side). Approximately 10 miles is a dirt road where there is a bus stop with a sign indicating Los Cajones.


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