All destinations you visit in Panama, you will find jewels of local and international gastronomy

Gastronomy in Panama City is increasingly varied with local and international flavors, which become original and daring culinary proposals. In addition to this, restaurants are more immersed in the creation of thematic environments that invite to travel the country, you only need to reserve, show up and taste a bite of one of their dishes.

Panama is a country that has opened its doors to cultural exchange for more than a hundred years. That is why there is a mixture of traditions, eating and cooking habits that help create new dishes that passes the approval of each diner regardless of their origin and tastes.

Gastronomic Circuit

Via Argentina

Located in the heart of El Cangrejo, this avenue has always been a reference as a gastronomic point for its more than 80 stores dedicated to offering the best of national and international food and drinks, including restaurants, cafes, internet cafes, bakeries, pastry shops, taverns and gourmet chalets.

We recommend you walk along the beautiful wide pedestrian sidewalks. Among the places we recommend visiting are:

  • El Trapiche

Experts in traditional Panamanian cuisine since 1983, it is one of the most recommended typical restaurants by locals and foreigners. Apart from their well-known dishes, they continue to create fusions of native flavors with innovative presentations to create original dishes with a 100% Panamanian stamp. IG: @eltrapichepty Phone (507) 381-0981.

  • Murphy’s California Kitchen

One of the best spots to try authentic Irish food and a menu of international dishes. This Pub has a reputation for giving dynamic service, as only the Irish know how to do. IG: @murphyscaliforniakitchenpub Cell. (507) 6327-1062.

  • El Prado Restaurant

Since 1963, specialists preparing internationally popular sandwiches, and for their very delicious and famous executive menu, as well as their main dishes. IG: @restaurantedelprado Phone (507) 264-2645.

  • Pavo Real

Also known as The Cradle of Rock in Panama, this popular Restaurant and Pub is popular for its snacks, dishes and drinks to taste while you enjoy a sports game or rock bands playing live. IG: @elpavo.real Cell. (507) 6065-3558.

  • Angel Restaurant

One of the most emblematic restaurants of Spanish food in Panama. Among the most recommended dishes are the barbecue, the Galician octopus and the seafood appetizer. The best cuisine in an exclusive environment. Phone: (507) 263-6868.

San Francisco

It is the hub of emerging Panamanian gastronomy. Today it brings together notable examples of local, international and fusion cuisine marked by the interculturality of recipes, added to the quality of local land and sea products that can be purchased.

In San Francisco, many of Panama’s gourmet restaurants are concentrated. However, it has also given way to multiple ventures such as food trucks and stalls designed for the needs of vegetarians, vegans or lovers of healthy recipes.

  • Casa Escondida

This homey restaurant is set in a house with colonial environment, it has casual meals with Caribbean, European and American specialties to create priceless moments. They also have unique corners in the garden for more private booths. IG @restaurantecasaescondida Phone (507) 387-3978.

  • Intimo Restaurant

They cook with the desire to create unforgettable moments among diners with the Chef’s creations. They offer dishes with recipes recovered from the Caribbean, such as cod with potato, pixbae (fruit of a local palm tree) with foie gras or curry shrimp toast. They are also experts in wines from renowned wineries. IG: @intimorestaurante Phone (507) 388-1365.

  • Maíto

The only restaurant in the country that has been included twice in the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants. Their dishes are prepared with seasonal organic products. Its mission is to promote Panamanian cuisine internationally. IG: @maitopanama Cell. (507) 6980-3939.

  • Pizzeria Italia & Italian Burger

This restaurant has two environments inspired by Italian cuisine: One is focused on Italian, pasta and pizza, the other on hamburgers and side dishes in a “food truck” that they have in a beautiful outdoor patio. They prepare Chef’s dishes with pasta in combination with seafood at the request of the client according to the menu. They have starters, antipasti and desserts. They cook with products imported from Italy. IG: @pizzeriaitalia_italianburger Phone (507) 382-2200.

Bella Vista

It is one of the most historic sectors of contemporary times in the capital city. Each corner keeps gastronomic treasures, some of these emblematic restaurants evoke European cuisine within well-preserved houses with a beautiful architectural style called “Bellavistino”.

Over time, cafes with classic executive menus began to emerge, small Creole food outlets, popular franchises in squares, even spaces have been created for small gastronomy enterprises of foreign and typical Panamanian food, even stalls with food truck.

Due to its proximity to the district of Calidonia, there are interesting contrasts in the gastronomic offer that range from Creole food to the most gourmet dishes.

  • La Milonga Restaurant

A southern corner in Panama, with gastronomy from Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. On Tuesdays of artisanal pizzas, the “Feijoada Da Milonga” and other dishes, will make you come back. You can enjoy tango dances, and even learn to take your first steps in this famous dance. IG: @lamilonga_pty  Cell. (507) 6949-4509.

  • Sukhi Southeast Asian Cuisine

Traditional food from Southeast Asia whose name Sukhi in Thai means happy and healthy people. Traditional Thai and Vietnamese recipes can be found on the menu. They have Delivery and Catering Service. IG: @sukhioline  Phone (507) 395-6081.

  • Casa Alejandro

Home of Spanish food where appetizers, fish, meat, paellas, pasta and desserts are prepared with European and Mediterranean recipes. Many of its dishes with a homemade touch are prepared in the best Galician style. IG: @casaalejandropanama  Cell. (507) 6372-2341.

Country Region Gastronomy

The multicultural influence and the ethnic groups that came to settle in the country contributed a lot to the growth of the local cuisine. This influenced the opening of many restaurants and “fondas” with original menus beyond the capital city. Throughout the Panamanian geography you can find a wide gastronomic offer that enjoys flavors and seasonings where ingredients and preparations from the Amerindian, Hispanic, African and Afro-Antillean culture are fused.

In the interior of the country, more and more combinations of Caribbean, coastal and European food have been intermingled with Panamanian-style recipes. The opening of restaurants with dishes and themes from other countries is also more frequent, where Peruvian, Korean and Chinese food proposals stand out lately. Among the places that offer a sensational menu of dishes in the interior of the country are:

Restaurants in Cocle

  • Los Camisones

Their specialty are paellas, seafood and fish. This restaurant has been highlighted in “Travellers Choice” by foreign diners. Located in La Ermita de San Carlos, Km 104., Pan-American Highway. IG: @camisones Phone (507) 993-3622 or 343-3903.

  • La Fogata

In Farrallon you will be able to discover this highly recommended restaurant by foreign tourists in “The Tripadvisor”, as one of the best in Cocle. Its main dishes are seafood and accompaniments. Their appetizers, desserts and sweets with seasonal fruits are also recommended. IG: @la_fogatafarallon  Phone (507) 908-3975.

  • Pannito’s Cafe

Restaurant – Bakery in Aguadulce where you can enjoy Creole food, snacks and international dishes. They have more than 17 years offering varied recipes with presentations that make each moment a special one. Located on Abelardo Herrera Street, Aguadulce – Cocle. IG: @pannitoscafe Phone (507) 997-5555 / 997-2918.

  • La Divina Comedia

A dream place in the middle of nature, its specialty is Italian food. Its pizzas, pastas, desserts and coffee stand out, all 100% Italian style. Located at El Valle de Anton on the main street, next to the Museo Victoriano Lorenzo. IG: @divinacommediaelvalle Phone (507) 6418-8387.

Restaurants in Veraguas

  • The Gioia Di Napoli

An ideal place to try the real wood-fired Neapolitan pizza. This specialty and other dishes such as exquisite pasta cooked in the oven, are created and inspired by Italian cuisine. Located on Avenida Sur, behind Plaza San Juan de Dios in Santiago de Veraguas. IG: @lagioiadinapoli  Cell. (507) 6805-0029.

  • Pescao Restaurant

Its philosophy is to provide its customers with the healthiest food prepared with organic products. Among its dishes are the typical Panamanian seafood with a tropical gourmet touch. Located inside the Hotel Santa Catalina on the way to El Estero beach. IG: @pescao_santacatalina Cell. (507) 6378-6277.

  • Canalu Burger

They are specialists in the preparation of hamburgers with generous portions of protein, and a wide variety of wraps. They have the Canalu Challenge, where you have to eat the Kraken burger, fries and a shake in 35 minutes. Located in Canto Del Llano, Santiago de Veraguas. IG: @canalu_hamburgueseria Phone (507) 933-5920.

  • Restaurants in Azuero
  • El Mirador 

With a phenomenal view of the city of Chitre, this place is also very popular for its large seafood and fish dishes. It offers a pleasant environment to visit. Located at the entrance of Chitre, Herrera. IG: @restauranteelmiradorchitre Phone (507) 974-4647.

  • Bocas House

They have a menu full of Afro-Caribbean delicacies. This Bocatoreño restaurant breaks with the traditional Herrera Creole culinary offer. They offer seafood with its accompaniment, recipes typical of the black ethnic group, among others. Located on December 30th Street in Chitre. IG: @bocashousechitre Cell. (507) 6521-7448.

  • Texas House

They offer the authentic Smash Burger & Wings Texas ranch style. With only one year, they have managed to place a very American space throughout Azuero, where the Santeño country atmosphere can be confused with the northern culture. Their meats are of high genetics. Located on Via Macaracas in Sabana Grande, Los Santos. IG @texashousepty  Cell. (507) 6451-4818.

  • Smiley’s Restaurant

American and Panamanian style cuisine served in a family atmosphere. The ribs, the fried snapper and the hamburger are among the most requested by its clientele. The roasts with nance smoke are the sensation of this place. Located on the main street of Pedasi. IG: @smilinssmileys Cell. (507) 6510-9652.

Restaurants in Chiriqui

  • El Rincón Español

Spanish-Panamanian fusion, where paella, sangrias, pasta, seafood and local dishes delight palates. They organize events with flamenco dances, singer-songwriters, pictorial exhibitions, among others. Located between Calle C and D Norte, Avenida 9 de Enero David, Chiriqui. IG: @elrinconespanol.panama  Cell. (507) 6861-6334.

  • Mike’s Global Grill

International cuisine with northern and European flavors can be enjoyed in this place, where the motto is to eat, laugh and have a good time. Enjoy your favorite food, buffets and drinks with live music on the weekends. Located on Calle 7 Sur, Bajo Boquete, Chiriqui. IG: @mikesglobalgrill  Phone (507) 730-9360.

  • Ngadri Panamanian Cuisine

The best of cuisine from Chiriqui prepared with fresh, local and seasonal products. Their dishes are full of flavor and color. Their menu is constantly renewed. They have live musical presentations and typical dances. Located in Boquete, corner of Calle 2ª Sur. IG: @ngadriboquete Cell. (507) 6751-1311.

  • Tre Scalini-Boquete

A place whose specialty is Italian food. From their appetizers to their desserts, they are prepared in the best Italian gourmet style. Ask about their renowned wine labels. They are open every day. Located on Central Avenue, Lower Boquete. IG: @trescaliniboquete   Phone (507) 730-9255.

  • Donde Giselle

Restaurant and bar with authentic Panamanian cuisine with a gourmet touch and delicious pizzas. Its facilities have an interior atmosphere, with a large terrace to listen to folk musical performances. Located on the main street of Boquete. IG: @dondegiselle  Cell. (507) 6480-0922.

Restaurants in Bocas del Toro

  • Amaranto

A small coffee shop with the best cold press juices and coffees. They also offer a simple breakfast menu to enjoy with your coffee, but the coffee and juices are what really shine here. IG: @amaranto.bocas, Cell. +507-6670-6864 (WhattsApp)

  • Cafe Del Mar

This cafe not also has coffee, but their food is what makes this place great. They offer a casual breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people say that they could eat all three meals here. IG: @cafedelmarpanama, Cell. +507-6776-8858.

  • Tequila Republic

Opening at 2:00 pm this bar serves great drinks, but even better bar food. The food menu is small, but there isn’t one thing on the menu that isn’t delicious. You won’t find a better burger in all of Bocas. Grab a late lunch here, or enjoy the bar atmosphere for dinner. IG: @tequilarepublicbar, Cell. +507-6912-5183 (WhattsApp).

  • Falafel Bocas

You can’t go wrong with traditional Israeli falafel, but that’s not all they serve. Open for lunch and dinner you will find fresh and tasty middle-eastern wraps and plates. IG: @falafelbocas, Cell. +507-6362-1877 (WhattsApp).

  • Alberto’s Pizza

The best pizza in Bocas, but some would argue it’s the second best, It really depends on your personal preference. Regardless, you won’t regret eating a pizza here.  Phone +507-757-9066.

  • Octo

When you’re ready to try contemporary Caribbean barbecue this is your place. This restaurant is outdoor seating only, but the garden setting provides the perfect atmosphere. Their smoked fish sandwich is the best. IG: @octo_bocas. Cell. +507-6368-5251.


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