It has capacity for up to two deep draft cruises at the same time.

In recent years, large projects have been developed to further capitalize on the advantage provided by the country’s privileged position, making it an ideal place for people from all over the world to meet.

One of these projects is the new Panama Cruise Terminal, which is being built on Isla Perico, Amador Causeway. An initiative that will positively impact the maritime industry and promote the diversification of the national tourism sector.

This first cruise port on the Pacific will have an area of ​​8.5 hectares, will promote the development of tourism and services in Panama.

Home Port

It is conceptualized under the philosophy of “Home Port”, similar to the one that works in the province of Colon, with the aim of making it the starting point of several cruise lines.

This maritime concept generates greater tourist impact since the passengers who would arrive in Panama to embark on the cruise will not have to go to Miami and other cities further afield. A system that will run parallel to that of the cruise ships that cross the canal, when they dock for a day so that their passengers can visit the most important tourist spots in the capital.

Three Important Zones

This terminal, built on landfill land, is divided into three parts: a maritime zone, a port operation zone and a land zone and includes a docking space with the capacity to simultaneously receive two 360-meter-long ships with 5,000 passengers each one. It will also consist of a dock suitable for receiving two vessels such as cruise ships of large proportions, and a building with a large triangular roof of 16 thousand meters for protection. Full construction completion is scheduled for September 2022, but will begin receiving cruise ships in November 2021.

Administration and Cruiseships Reservations

The terminal already has an operator: Puertos de Cruceros de Colon 2000, S.A. For 2022, 26 cruises have already been booked in advance and 21 reservations are held for 2023 and 3 reservations for 2024, prior to their formal opening operations. It is expected for this project to reactivate the economy and tourism that has been affected and lagged behind the reality that afflicts us with the effects of the pandemic and that will be improved in the coming years.


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