Via Argentina in front of Andrés Bello Park
Phone 385-3977

Irish hospitality and American food merge to create a unique entertaining environment such as Murphy´s California Kitchen. The selection of whiskeys and beers are of Premium quality in their bar. In an area as popular as Vía Argentina, is the friendliest bar of all in Panama City.

If you want to taste the best “Full Irish Breakfast” in Panama, and want to complete it with the recommendation of the house, a “Bloody Mary” this is the place. Because the usual is not usually found in their menu. Is open everyday during breakfast hours, except Mondays.

Murphy´s is well known for having live music every Sunday from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm on the terrace with Franklyn Hernander and Crew. They also have a Happy Hour every day from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm with buckets of beer.

At the Corner of 54th
Street and Samuel Lewis
Avenue, Obarrio
Phone 385-5383

This exclusive restaurant is a tribute to chef Robert Santomenno Wallace, his family, and the love he has for Scotland. They offer Scottish culinary delights made with local ingredients such as their delicious “Bangers and Mash”, complete with handmade sausages and creamy onion gravy; “Cottage Pie”, and you can´t forget their “Fish and Chips” with mushy peas that has quickly become their signature dish.

The cozy atmosphere gives you a feeling of having been there before, inviting you to return. They are open Monday – Thursday from noon until 10pm, and Friday and Saturday from noon until 11pm.

Via Veneto
Plaza Downtown
Phone 263-8571

Many will remember its former headquarters in a house with an European facade, alluding to the country it evokes as a gourmet restaurant. Since 1985 it has delighted palates who have recommended it for decades. Chalet Suizo recently moved to Downtown Plaza in El Cangrejo, near its past location.

In addition to its exquisite Swiss dishes, its menu offers specialties of pasta, seafood, “Raclette” and its sought after Fondue, which you can taste on special dates with promotions. Every month they have a Pairing dinner.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is reminiscent of Switzerland, a country where its guests will feel transported close to the Swiss Alps, and to choose one of its cozy corners with an Old Continent style.

Part of its fame is due to its wine cellar with more than 900 wine labels, awarded internationally by Wine Spector. It is open from Monday to Saturday from noon until 11:00 pm.

Via Veneto
Plaza Downtown
Phone 387-4455

This”spaghetteria” has a speciality in Mediterranean food and pasta, served in “120 ways” according to its menu. The pasta Pomodoro is the main protagonist and recommendation of the house. Pasta such as Ravioli, stuffed Ravioli, Farfalle pasta, Fusilli with Pomodoro pasta or Pesto from the house, Fetuccini among others. You can order breakfast every day and at any time you can choose between Frittata, Eggs Benedict, Panini, Pancakes and even breakfast pizza.

They have Keto and Gluten Free version dishes like their famous Lasagna Bolognese with eggplant flakes, Bolognese meat, bechamel and mozzarella that you can also order with Pomodoro sauce.

The Mondays are Second Pizza at half price. Every Tuesday they have promotions of “Sangrias” 2 x 1 in Half Liter.

Pomodoro is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, and Sunday from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Amador Causeway,
Phone 302-6266

This brewery and gastro pub is distinguished by the artisanal elaboration of its gastronomic and brewery proposal. Its gastro bar concept offers a wide variety of entries, to create an international trip of flavors. Artisan hummus is another of their specialties, and they have a variety of presentations requested by vegetarians and vegans. However, hamburgers have become a house brand, which highlights the delicious meat prepared with the chef’s secret recipe.

The Factory and its production is governed by its master brewer, better known as “The Dictator”, who has come a long way to revolutionize and create four types of beers: “The Dictator”, “Las Americas”, “Capunga” and “The Transporter. “

Its outdoor environment with space for pets, opens its doors from Tuesday to Saturday from 5:00 pm to 12 midnight, and Sunday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. The Factory offers you a 100% authentic multisensory experience in one place.

Via Argentina,
San Francisco and
Albrook Mall
Phone 269-4353 / 381-0981 / 314-7426

With the idea of bringing to Panamá City the flavors of Panamanian dishes from the interior, El Trapiche was created in 1983. A reference of the traditional local gastronomy for more than 30 years, where they continue to exalt the indigenous culinary culture. Its restaurants are set with recreations of the country houses, where folklore and gastronomic traditions are kept present. In El Trapiche you can try fried foods every day. Among its specialties are: Centennial Breakfast, Trapiche Typical Breakfast, Old Clothes Sandwich in Puff Pastry, Combination Sandwich in Tortilla, Panamanian Typical Tray, Gallo Pinto, Corvina a la Chorrillera, Rice with Milk as dessert among others.

To please local diners and tourists, restaurants open between 7:00 am until 10:00 pm on weekdays and until 11:00 pm on weekends. As part of the entertainment they have folkloric dances at seven o’clock at night from Tuesday to Saturday, which runs from 30 minutes weekdays and extends to an hour on Thursdays and Saturdays, creating more memories of Panama for all Visitors.

Calle 51 Este Bella Vista
Phone 263-7890

With the purpose of keeping the freshness of the traditions and flavors of the interior, the Tinajas Restaurant offers a wide Panamanian gastronomic variety with authentic recipes from cooks from the countryside, such as fried foods, tamales, sancocho, rice with chicken, rice pudding, drunk soup among others.

This restaurant is established in an old and elegant residence with colonial style on its facade, where you can enjoy a folkloric artistic presentation, from Tuesday to Saturday around 9:00 pm, when the songs and dances will begin to the rhythm of the live music.

Via Veneto Plaza Downtown
Phone 387-4455

It opened as the first wine restaurant in Panama in the year 2000. Chef Willy Diggelmann brought this innovative restaurant bar concept with more than 200 different wines. If you are a connoisseur of the nectar of the god Bacchus, or want to learn more about strains and presentations, at The Wine Bar you can taste different varieties, without buying a bottle to enjoy it.

The Wine Bar is also characterized by its rich international menu, that goes with options of cold cuts and cheeses, to more delicate dishes such as Roast Beef or Focaccinas such as Garlic and Rosemary, as well as pizzas and gourmet dishes.

Via Argentina and
Calle José Martí
Phone 394-6853

Known as the birthplace of rock in Panama, this English-style pub always supports emerging talent with the presentation of rock bands in the courtyard. Its atmosphere is authentic, the food can be served at the bar, or at tables in more private and comfortable areas. You can have a beer outside on the terrace or throughout the entrance, while watching a game inside. The menu has a list of appetizers such as French onion soup or salmon mouse. The bites are the specialty to try while watching football, boxing or international competitions. In addition there are sandwiches, hamburgers, a recommended dish such as Fillet with cream and cognac, and the “Fish and Chips” a classic among its regulars. You can enjoy all this from Monday to Saturday from 6:00 pm to 3:00 am, where fun is guaranteed.

Address: Casco Antiguo frente antiguo Club Unión
Telephone: 6030-9997
Specialties: Café

Address: Cl. 68 San Francisco, Terrazas 68
Telephone: 203-0454
Specialties: Caribeña, Panameña

Address: Av. 5 Sur, Coco del Mar, San Francisco
Telephone: 399-9186
Specialties: De Autor

Address: Cl. 72 Este, San Francisco
Telephone: 388-1365
Specialties: De Autor, Internacional

Address: Via Argentina
Telephone: 394-6853
Specialties: Internacional

Address: Plaza Downtown, El Cangrejo
Telephone: 387-4455
Specialties: Internacional

Address: Cl.70 Este San Francisco, Casa N°20
Telephone: 388-9500
Specialties: Internacional

Address: Cl.72 Este, Panama
Telephone: 387-3978
Specialties: Internacional

Address: Cl. Novena San Felipe
Telephone: 209-0377
Specialties: Internacional

Address: Av. Central y Cl.3ra Casco Antiguo
Telephone: 395-1749
Specialties: Internacional

Address: Cl. 69 San Francisco casa 115
Telephone: 203-4574
Specialties: Internacional

Address: Av. Samuel Lewis
Telephone: 385-5383
Specialties: Internacional y Escosesa

Address: Vía Principal de Amador
Edif. La Fabrica, Causeway
Telephone: 302-6266
Specialties: Internacional, Fusión

Address: Via Argentina, frente al parque Ándres Bello
Telephone: 385-3977
Specialties: Irlandés, Americano

Address: Plaza Downtown, El Cangrejo
Telephone: 263-8571
Specialties: Italiana

Address: Cl.57, con Av. Ricardo Arango Obarrio
Telephone: 264-8080
Specialties: Italiana

Address: P.H. ADIR Cl.Eric Del Valle, El Cangrejo
Telephone: 208-6960
Specialties: Italiana

Address: Av. Samuel Lewis con Cl. 59, Obarrio, Edif. Kenex Plaza, piso 11
Telephone: 830-2736
Specialties: Japonesa

Address: Costa del este Ocean Mall
Telephone: 209-1515
Specialties: Japonesa

Address: Cl.61 Obarrio Plaza 61 local 4 y 5
Telephone: 393-3333
Specialties: Japonesa

Address: Cl. 70 Este, Casa N°20 San Francisco
Telephone: 381-9529
Specialties: Mexicana

Address: Av. Central y Cl. A Casco Antiguo
Telephone: 262-1682
Specialties: Panameña

Address: Cl. D Casa N° 16 frente a Hotel Toscana
Telephone: 264-0473
Specialties: Panameña

Address: Bella Vista, Cl. 51
Telephone: 263-7890
Specialties: Panameña e Internacional

Address: Calle 50, San Francisco
Telephone: 391-4657
Specialties: Panameña e Internacional

Address: Cinta Costera
Specialties: Pescados y Mariscos

Address: Plaza Downtown, El Cangrejo
Telephone: 387-4455
Specialties: Suiza

Address: Av. A Casco Viejo
Telephone: 211-1926
Specialties: Tapas

Address: Via Argentina
Telephone: 269-4353
Specialties: Típica e Internacional

Address: Casco Antiguo
Telephone: 393-7262
Specialties: Cocina Peruana Internacional


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