The Best Beaches in the World both in the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Panama is a paradise for beach and island lovers, with more than 1,000 islands in the Pacific and the Caribbean. In the morning you can surf in the Pacific and later in the afternoon in the Atlantic, all on the same day and without having to travel by plane. Here we leave you a guide of the best beaches of the hundreds that our beautiful country has.

—Pacific Beaches—

-Punta Chame: At 100 kilometers from Panama City, this beach is one of the favorite destinations for surfers. Here you can practice artisanal fishing with fishermen in the area. The breeze that runs on this beach males it easy to practice Kitesurfing.

-Malibu: At just 80 kilometers from Capital City, it is also one of the favorite beaches for surfers as it has a nearby break. In this area you can find numerous bars, restaurants and supermarkets, making it a good option to spend the day.

-El Palmar: It is a black sand beach very close to San Carlos Town. This beach is also characterized by its great waves and surfing competitions throughout the year. There are many places to stay the night in this beautiful place.

-Río Mar: Near the mouth of the Calabaza River, Río Mar is another beach where surfing is the king, thanks to the quality and height of its waves. At ninety-six kilometers from Panama City, like El Palmar, its waves have hosted surfing contests.

-Santa Clara: The farthest of the Pacific beaches close to Panama City. It is one of the favorite beaches for Panamanians. It is very good to go with friends or family thanks to its large extension. There are also “bohíos” (rectangular house made of trunks and tree branches) for rent and international cuisine restaurants for all tastes.

-Santa Catalina Beach: Before a small fishing village in the Province of Veraguas, today it is a top-notch destination for surf lovers from all over the world. International competitions have been hosted here. Also boats take you to Coiba Island from this beach, being the closest departing point to go to this paradise island.

-Playa Venao: Only 34 kilometers from Pedasí Town, in the province of Los Santos, this beach is extremely famous for its surfing waves. You can find bars and restaurants surrounded by a tropical atmosphere.

—Atlantic Beaches—

The Caribbean has the reputation of having the most exotic and beautiful beaches in the world. The crystalline of its waters, with different shades of green and turquoise, go along perfectly with the mild temperature and small white sand beaches, which makes them the most beautiful on the planet. A large part of the coast is still virgin and in development process.

-La Guaira: A quiet and beautiful beach, located in Costa Arriba de Colón, 2 hours from Panama City. This beach is a link point with Isla Grande, and can be enjoyed throughout the year. In the area there are cabins overlooking the sea to stay with family or couple, as well as restaurants.

-María Chiquita: At just 1 hour from Panama City, in the province of Colón, this beautiful beach is quiet, with beautiful palm trees and a comfortable tourist infrastructure to enjoy with your spouse or family.

-Nombre de Dios: At three and a half hours from Panama City, in the province of Colón, the first section of the beach is bordered by residences, but the second section is only sand, palm trees and sea. Ideal for walks. In the village you can get everything you need, you will even find some restaurants.

-Playa Langosta: it is the closest beach to Colon City and although it is not very long, you can enjoy calm waters at a pleasant temperature. It has restaurants in the area with delicacies from the area.

—Paradise Islands—

-Escudo de Veraguas: One of the most isolated places in Panama. It is several hours away by boat from various ports in Bocas del Toro. Here you will find stunning crystal clear waters, full of beautiful corals. The island only receives tourists, and you can find a lot of tropical fauna, such as the pygmy sloth, which is found only in this island.

-Coiba Island: It is the largest island in the country, and a world natural heritage site. Some time ago it used to be a prison island, today it is the place with the best diving and snorkeling in the country. In its waters there are whale sharks, mobiles and humpback whales depending on the season. You can also dive all year and see toad, barracuda, rays and large number of all kinds of fish. It is two hours by boat from Puerto Muti, also an hour and a half from Santa Catalina beach, both in Veraguas.

-Iguana island: Just 15 minutes from Pedasí, it is a wildlife refuge surrounded by coral and beautiful beaches. Iguanas and hundreds of hermit crabs are often near the park guard house. Surrounded by corals, it is an ideal place for snorkeling. It is also located in an area where humpback whale sightings is done every year, an unforgettable experience.

-Cañas Island: Between July and November, the 14 km beach in length, located in Los Santos Province, receives the visit of thousands of olive turtles that come to lay their eggs in the sand. It is a destination worth visiting to observe this migration responsibly.

-Big Island (Isla Grande): It is one of the destinations local and foreign visitors love to visit. It is very close to the coast, in the Caribbean Sea in Colon Province, just a couple of kilometers from the historic town of Portobelo. The sea is usually calm, making it perfect for taking a swim or snorkeling in one of the nearby coral reefs.

-Contadora Island: The closest archipelago to Panama City is Las Perlas, whose name comes from the large number of these jewels that were extracted from its waters. All its islands are beautiful, but one of the most famous is Contadora, once a refuge for the rich and famous in the world, is one of the islands with the best infrastructure in the country. Its beaches remain as spectacular as ever. It is worth visiting between July and October, when humpback whales migrate to these islands.

-Barro Colorado: Located on Gatun Lake, created during the construction of the canal to provide water to its locks. When the area was flooded, Barro Colorado was isolated, so it had almost no modifications by humans. The Smithsonian Institute has a scientific station to study its tropical forests. This island can be visited with prior coordination of the Smithsonian, to know its species and its jungle intensity, unique in the world.

-Taboga: Just 20 kilometers from Panama City, in the Pacific Ocean, it is known as the “Isla de las Flores”. It has beautiful beaches, ideal for fishing and water sports. You can explore the town of Taboga on foot, learn about its history , and make expeditions to the Vigía hill, and La Cruz hill, it has the second church built in the hemisphere and has multiple hotels to stay, as well as restaurants with international delicacies, arriving only takes 30 minutes by boat from the Amador area